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Smarter Installs can turn your backyard into a dream day spa

When we talk about backyard make overs and landscaping design, why not go with the name you can trust! Smarter Installs leads the way in modern styles and quality finishies.

Smarter Installs can help you with everything from Spa and Sauna installations through to privacy screens, retaining walls, pergola's and more, there is no limit to what we can do to transform your special area into something to be proud of.

there is no limit to what we can do to transform your special area

Call us today, we love to hear from new customers and we are always ready to help plan out your next outdoor living area.

We Also Build the Best Custom Saunas

Why choose a SPASA WA Member

Installing a new pool or spa is an exciting adventure. From the moment you start looking, to the day your new pool is filled with water, you can expect to live with a growing sense of anticipation. If everything goes according to plan, you will end up with a sparkling pool and bubbling spa exactly as you imagined. But if things go awry, your dreams could turn sour, with unexpected costs and heartache. The very best way to avoid this happening is to deal with a SPASA member. Happy Swimming..............This is the simple message you will hear from any SPASA member. The actual words may vary slightly, but the message is the same, whether from a manufacturer, builder or installer, through to a retail, service or inspector member. Their experience tells them that people are happier and healthier swimming in pools more often.


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